Increase profit immediately through improved monetization

We help technology companies increase profits through testing and optimizing pricing, product/service bundling, and all aspects of monetization.


How does our solution work?


How does our solution work?

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    Align testing strategy to your business goals.

    We help you decide the types of pricing tests and optimizations to run for immediate profit increases: price level, discounting, packaging/ bundling, contract terms, and payment terms.

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    We connect to your data.

    We connect to your CRM and ERP systems to source transactional, product, and customer data. We provide continuous monitoring of ongoing tests.

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    Receive detailed and actionable recommendations on how to immediately increase profits.

    At test end, we conduct statistical analysis on each cohort to measure performance, and extrapolate results for the rest of the year.

What results can you expect?


Results that speak for themselves

Silicon Valley based Unicorn Fintech company
  • $100M in annual revenue
  • 50% lift in customer lifetime value for a major customer segment by introducing new product bundling
  • 15% lift in revenue through the introduction of alternate billing options
San Francisco based clothing and accessories retailer
  • $10B in annual revenue
  • 20% lift in revenue and 11% lift in profit with no loss in number of units sold for a $50M product line by increasing list price
Midwest based commodities business
  • $114B in annual revenue
  • 30% lift in revenue for a $500M business unit through price segmentation
Midwest based mid-sized media planning and buying agency
  • $100M in annual revenue
  • $500k lift in revenue through new pricing adjustments
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Frequently asked questions

Companies should regularly test the prices of their offerings, and incorporate customer feedback into their pricing strategy.

To use an analogy - what if an airline decides to set their rates for all of their flights once, and then never revisit them again? That would seem silly right? Competing airlines goes as far as updating their fares in realtime. Different destinations become more or less popular with passengers, seasonality, pilots and different travel plans. Their fares constantly adapt to reflect all of those changes.

Your business should also adapt to changes in the market and your customers.

While DIY may work, results can be sub-optimal. Three reasons why you should consider partnering with us:

  • Reduce risk - making sweeping changes to your monetization strategy yourself exposes your business to significant risk. Quickly piloting a change and measuring efficacy allows you to reduce that risk, measure impact, and improve your decision making process.
  • Establishing causality will be difficult - without correctly establishing test and control cohorts, it’ll be difficult to measure whether the business outcome you observed was attributable to the pricing change, or another confounding variable. Was it the price change, or seasonality? Competitive landscape change? Market shifts?
  • Testing is time consuming - effectively administering a test requires a lot of time and coordination - from designing the test structure, to constant monitoring, to performing statistical analysis and reporting.

Data is never perfect. That is why being able to consistently identify the right data to analyze is so important. Regardless of your company size, we can help you identify and gather the right data to analyze for your pricing strategy. Each client is unique so we take the time to understand your business goals, customers, product/service offerings and competitive landscape.

Changing your pricing strategy shouldn’t be anxiety inducing. Let us help you reach your next business milestone.

We are here to help

Many companies have sub-optimal pricing and monetization strategies without realizing it. When trying to increase revenue and profits, companies tend to focus on increasing product or service offerings and volume growth rather than pricing strategies.

What’s often missed is that improving your pricing strategy often drives immediate and sustainable profit increases. In fact, with the right combination of long and short term strategies, you will attract even more loyal customers. Ammanuel founded Run Pricing Tests because he firmly believes that with the right approach and rigor to pricing strategy, any company can quickly and drastically increase their profitability, enabling them to better serve their customers in the long run.

We use a combination of established and novel pricing strategies, and employ the latest AI and data science approaches to help companies reach their desired business outcomes faster.

Ammanuel Selameab

Founder and CEO


Ammanuel is based in San Francisco and is a renowned expert in pricing strategy. He had spent the past 8 years helping both new and established companies across diverse industries increase their profits through improved monetization and pricing strategies.

He’s helped companies in industries ranging from CPG, agriculture, marketing/advertising, and retail. Ammanuel is experienced in managing complex, multinational pricing operations and compliance tracking.

Ammanuel’s focus continues to be helping companies realize larger profits through stepwise improvements in monetization strategies.

Garry Ma

Chief Data Scientist


Garry was an early data scientist at Facebook and had helped establish many of the core data science teams at Facebook today including profile, privacy, and data growth products.

He was also part of the cross-functional monetization team from 2012 to 2014. Garry later co-founded Brilent, an AI SaaS company that automated the discovery and identification of key talent for recruiters. The AI outperformed some of the top recruiters around the world and was later recognized by IDC as a leading innovator in talent discovery.

Garry’s focus remains on helping companies grow through the practical use of AI and data science.

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Increase profit immediately through improved monetization

We help technology companies increase profits through testing and optimizing pricing, product/service bundling, and all aspects of monetization.